Pilgrims' House

The Pilgrims’ House is a place where you can find peace, where you can refresh and strengthen body and soul.

 The Pilgrims' Menu and the other meals give you the necessary strength for an extended pilgrimage day.

Guests who do not have previous reservations are also welcome at all times!
Double and single rooms with simple furnishings and moderate prices are available.

  • Single Rooms
  • Double Rooms
  • 3 Dining Areas
  • 1 Lecture Room
  • A Conference room for ca. 12-15 Persons
  • House Chapel
  • Pilgrims' Shop
  • Coffee Shop: 20-25 Persons
  • Pilgrims’ Hall for approximately 150 Persons
  • Pilgrims' Hall for approximately 150 Persons

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In the Pilgrims' Shop you will find a large selection of Schoenstatt articles, religious items, cards, books and gift articles.


Pilgrim's Shop
Hillscheider Str. 5
56179 Vallendar

Tel.: 0261/96248-15
Fax: 0261/96248-69



Pilgrims’ House Information
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Pilgrims' House

House Chapel

Pilgrims' Shop